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This is a high quality replica of the original Sola Sound Tone Bender MkII Professional. If you dont know what these are, the MKII Professional Tone Benders is one of the most iconic British fuzzes ever produced, notably used by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Mick Ronson, and a ton more. It's saturated, thick, and juicy and just sounds like fuzz heaven.  It *is* the sound of the first Led Zeppelin record and I just cant say enough about how wonderful they sound.

These replicas are built using the original Sola Sound layout and modern high-end parts.  The transistors used are germanium Soviet old-stock (MP38A) and each is hand selected for appropriate gain range and tested in the circuit before chosen.  These transistors are quality pieces that when tested and used appropriately, sound every bit as good as the Mullards used in the original units. Everything in the unit is primo quality using Vishay/Sprague capacitors, Xicon carbon film resistors, and Carling foot switches.  I've tried to select a blend of old-school techniques with modern equivalents of the high end parts that would have been used back in the day.  Additionally,I've added the modern touch of a 9VDC (center negative) power jack so this can be used with a standard pedal power supply, should you want to.

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