Balkan Ace - Volume/Buffer



The Balkan Ace Volume/Buffer is a discrete signal box aimed at the more purist guitar player.

  • Got a beautiful large amp with gorgeous tone?
  • Frustrated cause it's too loud for use at home?
  • Wish you could get those awesome cranked amp tones out of it at neighbour friendly late night volumes?
  • Do you never get to turn your amp up past 3 even on stage 'cause it's so loud?

You need the Balkan Ace!

The Balkan Ace Plugs straight into your amps effects loop. The passive volume control can be used to control your amps volume ( even with your amps master volume on 10!), and take your volume levels right down to manageable levels, while giving you that 'Cranked Amp' tone that every player loves.

The onboard signal buffer (switchable & gain adjustable) keeps your signal sparkling clean, pristine and mean, all the way down to the quietest volume levels.

Playing live on stage or just trying to get some late night practice in, the Balkan Ace gives you YOUR tone, YOUR amp, as it is meant to be heard, while staying at manageable volume levels.

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