Baja Tech Custom TB-1 Top Boost


Baja Tech Custom

Brian May, (of Queen) early in his career and not happy with the stock “Top Boost” channel on his Vox AC-30's used a treble booster to push his amps into sweet sustained overdrive.

Very soon after he worked with his tech to produce a version that had a beefier sound, with more gain to it (less a treble boost and more an overdrive). Used in conjunction with his homemade "Red Special" guitar and Vox AC-30 amps it became the trademark Queen sound. You'll hear it as the same sweet sustaining sound of the famous "Bohemian Rhapsody" track and many more. The Baja Tech Custom Top Boost TB-1 is a recreation of the original with a few exceptions.

We've added a level control and a true bypass switch. This is not your typical boost pedal, it's an overdrive that rivals many out there. Great for use with many amps, and guitar combos. A customer of ours stated that "it's a Tube Screamer killer". We would have to agree.

The Top Boost TB-1 is painted with a heavy duty "Gold Top" powder coat finish to withstand the day to day rigors of the road.

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