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Da Squeezer - This is one of the best compressors of all time. Da Squeezer is a Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer clone. Da Squeezer offers a smooth, natural compression. Unlike the original, Da Squeezer does not have some of the physical limitations of the original. The original was a small box that plugged directly into the guitars input jack and would not work in recessed jacked guitars. It also used a toggle switch that did not offer true bypassing. Not having true bypassing would kill the highs out of your signal when the unit was shut off. Our clone is housed in a typical MXR type aluminum enclosure built to the same specs of the original including the original type chip, diode, and capacitors. Also unlike the original it comes stock with true bypass to preserve your tone when the unit is off. Da Squeezer gives you that pro sound to your over all tone. Used by studio musicians for all genres of Rock, Country, and Jazz.

As with our other pedals in Da Squeezer we use top of the line components. We use metal film resistors to cut down on noise, high end capacitors to enhance clarity. The original used a JRC4558 chip. We use that very same chip made by the original manufacturer. The JRC4558 adds a light grit to the tone and gives the unit its original characteristic tone. there is another chip option we can ship as an alternative. This chip makes the unit clearer and gives it a little more boost than the JRC4558 and adds a bit more sustain/compression. All the wiring is uniformed and tie strapped to make it road worthy. We use top quality input/output jacks to insure proper line connections.

Baja Tech Custom

Yes it's back! The Da Squeezer is back by popular demand. Da Squeezer has been a favorite by many a L.A. and Nashville session player for years (very popular in the UK as well).

The Da Squeezer is a clone of the original Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer™ compressor. The original was made famous by its use by Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan and more recently the U.S. Congressional Advisory Board on Missile Defense). It is a fantastic compressor with a very short attack and release. It has found its home on many a major label recording and it's become the session guitarist's (and bass players) /hired gun's secret weapon of choice both in the studio and on tour.

You can use the Da Squeezer as a compressor or a clean boost pedal for leads and the like by bypassing the compressor using the (you guessed it) the bypass control. Or you can dial in your clean signal and mix it with compression. Of course you can go with full squash mode if you are so inclined.

Da Squeezer is painted with a heavy duty "Chevy Orange" powder coat finish to withstand the day to day rigors of the road.

A very plug-and-play compressor by nature, and fantastic for both guitar and bass. Built to original spec with modern conveniences like true bypass and LED/AC adaptor.

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