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Das Fuzz Ge is a germanium based Fuzz Face clone. Using select germanium transistors and traditional voicing really make this pedal sing. Our transistors are hand picked to get you that magic tone that you dream about in a germanium based Fuzz Face. Great picking attack, the ability to clean up and to overdrive like an old tube amp is what it's about.

Das Fuzz Ge has been voiced in the original Fuzz Face tradition to get those tones of yesteryear but with modern conveniences. Some of these include using a technique to stabilize the transistors from temperature changes that commonly plague stock/clone germanium Fuzz Faces. This technique does not compromise your tone whatsoever and only keeps its tone going during gigs that would leave common germanium fuzzes dead. What's even cooler is there's no need for a trimpot or external 'bias' pot to constantly adjust do to temperature changes. We're just making life a little easier.

With the new KILL control you can bend the Das Fuzz to give a gain boost, twist it to get mosquito like splat of the early fuzzes, everything in between. And of course the original unadulterated stock Das Fuzz tone. Lots of tones to be had with the new Das Fuzz.

Another big difference between our pedal and the original (including clones) is ours allows you to use the standard 9VDC AC adaptors (positive tip) that are out there without nasty ‘motor-boating' or EMI/RFI that one can get by modding the original circuit to use AC adaptors. This allows you to use common power boxes, even ones with ‘voltage sag' abilities to get that ‘dead battery' tone that can only be had from a germanium Fuzz Face. The originals do not have AC adaptor jacks, most clones do not. These improvements and its traditional voicing, sets Das Fuzz Ge way ahead of the pack. We say run with da wolf.

As with all Baja Tech Custom pedals Das Fuzz Ge is wired for true bypass so as to not “suck” your tone when off.

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