Baja Tech Custom Da MOAF Deluxe


Baja Tech Custom

DaMOAF (Da Mother Of All Fuzzes) The most powerful analog fuzz/distortion pedal you'll ever own.

DaMOAF goes beyond conventional fuzz/distortion wisdom. With its roots in the old "Triangle/Ram's Head" fuzzes, DaMOAF you can go from a great (blues/rock) overdrive, to sweet 60's fuzz. Kick in the high gain/boost for a for leads and cut through the mix. Crank it up and you get total palm mute crunch distortion. Set it all maxed and it gets crazy! At top end it's a wall of fuzz distortion with sustain for days. Or use the gain/boost stomp switch to kick in a wall of fuzz for those power choruses. It does not stop there, leave the rest eating your dust.

With the Deluxe version (V2) we've added a gain/boost stomp switch to switch between a low gain stage and a high gain stage at various levels, or you can setup the pedal to act like a boost when engaged. We'll let you decide. We've also added the FINE TUNE control allowing you fine tune the balance of levels between the low gain and high gain stages. With the Deluxe you get a very versatile fuzz/distortion unit in one package, DaMOAF.

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