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The Baja Boost has been a labor of love (it's why we gave it the Baja name). We wanted a germanium boost pedal in the vain of the original Rangemaster that you the player will actually use all its functionality, get all the original tone and more in one pedal.

The Rangemaster has been used by many a player to get their classic tones. Eric Clapton used one on the now famous “Beano” Blues Breakers album. It was the go-to overdrive for Marc Bolan of T.Rex fame and the pedal of choice for Brian May's early recordings with Queen. Other users include Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath).

When researching the Rangemaster you'll hear of the “Iommi Mods (fat mods)” and “Mid Boost Mods” in addition to the stock Rangemaster tone. Some boutique builders will add a switch to try and get you two or three of those pedal voicings. We've gone a step further and left the voicing up to you. One of the Baja Boosts unique features is the VOICE control. Not only do you get the stock tone, the “Iommi Mods”, and the “Mid Boost Mods” but you get everything in between via the VOICE control located a top the pedal. We originally started work on the Baja Boost with a switch in mind but found it too limiting. There were some really sweet spots in the pedal's voicing that were being missed by only having just a couple of choices. You now can dial in the exact tone that you feel is compatible to your playing style and your rig. We are also very proud to be the first to offer you this very useful functionality in a germanium boost pedal. Long before the rooster first crowed the Baja Boost was boosting amps.

The BOOST control allows you to control the output volume of the effect. Allowing you to adjust how hard the overdrive "hits" the preamp section of your tube amp.

As with all our germanium based effects we have added a temperature stabilizing technique to stabilize the transistor from temperature changes that commonly plague stock/clone germanium Rangemasters. This technique does not compromise your tone whatsoever and only keeps its tone going during gigs that would leave common germanium boosters dead. There's no need for a trimpot or external 'bias' pot to constantly adjust do to temperature changes. Once again we're just making life a little easier.

Baja Boost is painted with a heavy duty "Silver Top" powder coat finish to withstand the day to day rigors of the road.

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