Badger Badgerplex PRE Plural Preamp



TIS58 FET transistors.

Orange drop capacitors

Ohmite carbon composition resistors

Full size 24mm potentiometer

22V from a 12-18V DC supply

Active components are in gold plated sockets.

Internal voltage regulation and doubling circuitry is used to generate the large supply required by the JFET using only a 12V DC input.

A removable high impedance FET buffer is included to correct the output impedance of the preamp circuit. If needed, it can easily be bypassed using the side toggle and replaced with another effect in series after the Badgerplex.

12-18 Volts DC 5.5x2.1 negative center barrel connector (Boss style) required for operation. No internal battery.

This effect can be used with Voodoo labs PP2+, BBE Supacharger and similar 9V DC supplies that offer a few older Boss ACA unregulated outputs (~16V). Plug # 5 or 6 (BBE and PP2+)must be used with the small slide switch set to ACA

The master stomp switch and output buffer toggle are both wired for true bypass operation.

Cast aluminum case measures 1.25" H x 2.39" W x 4.41" L (lid included in measurement)

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