Backwoods Music Dirt Burglar - FET Boost / Preamp


Backwoods Music

  • A discreet yet potent boost/preamp with a copious output. Equally effective and wily with full bass and treble eq controls.
  • 3 Controls (From Left to Right): Bass, Volume, and Treble
    • Bass: A full range bass control that allows you to cut or boost the low-end frequencies
    • Volume: Copious output can give you amp-like sound/feel going direct-in. When paired with a tube amp it can push into overdrive.
    • Treble: A full range treble control that allows you to cut or boost the high-end frequencies
  • Minimal pedalboard footprint: 4.39” L x 2.34” W
  • Soft Touch True Bypass
  • Power: 9V DC Negative Center
  • Designed and Hand Crafted in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty

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