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The hand xired AXS Effects Soul Screamer is a clone of the extinct and discontinued Ibanez Tubescreamer ts-808 with a couple mods. This is your chance to get this great pedal at a much lower price than the originals which go for around $250

Electronically this guitar effect uses the same circuit configuration of the classic ts808 but includes improved higher quality components; low noise high quality resistors and capacitors that kill all background noise and hum. Also includes the JRC 4558 chip that is looked at as the best sounding tubescreamer chip.

Tone Controls:

  • Level: Adjusts the amount of output.
  • Tone: Dials the amount treble/bass that is desired
  • Drive: Sets the amount of distortion.
  • Ts9/808 sw: Switches circuitry from ts9 tubescreamer which is softer and raunchier, to ts808 tubescreamer which is louder and a lil smoother.
  • BassBoost sw: Switches on/off the added bass boost circuit. A mod that solves the stock limited bass response which cuts so much that it appears as a huge midrange hump in the sound.

List of mods:

  • Ts9/808 switch
  • Bass Boost Switch
  • Replaced chip with sought after JRC chip
  • Replaced Drive Potentiometer to fix muddiness- much cleaner
  • Real True-bypass

Basic specs:

  • 3pdt "True bypass" switching
  • Green LED status indicator
  • Green Aluminum chassis
  • Quality Design
  • No noise design
  • High quality components include best quality capacitors, resistor, and transistors.
  • Standard DC jack used on Boss/MXR etc.
  • Hand Made in the U.S.A.

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