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This pedal is a sonic clone of the famous and VERY rare Ampeg Scrambler octave fuzz pedal. With this pedal you can bring in all kinds of crazy octave and fuzz sounds, and they can all be easily be blended in with the clean signal by turning the "Blend" control. The "Texture" control increases the intensity of the distortion and boosts the overall octave sound that's being added by the circuit. This is absolutely the best sonic replica of the same pedal that The Edge of U2 uses! Another interesting characteristic of this circuit is the noise gate effect that's part of the trademark sound of this pedal. For best results, use the neck pickup with the tone control rolled down a little. The Axis Effects Skrambler also features a power supply filtering capacitor and a reverse polarity protection diode to make sure that the pedal is hiss and hum free, and to make sure that the components on the circuit board are protected from an accidental reverse polarity power connection. Most custom effects builders don't even install these two extra components, which will add a great deal of reliability and piece of mind to your Skrambler!


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