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Few guitar effects pedals have had more influence on the history of Rock than the famous Arbiter Electronics Fuzz Face. The Fuzz Face is a simple circuit that consists of only four resistors, three capacitors, two transistors and two potentiometers and has served the world's most famous and influential guitarists. The Axis Face MKII takes this basic circuit and greatly improves on the tone and reliability of the circuit by adding some components to the circuit and altering others. The parts used to construct the Axis Face are the best that are available today. Using such modern components goes a long way toward creating an effects pedal that gives you the greatest reliability and tone. Don't be fooled by other companies who build versions of the Fuzz Face using those crappy old Carbon Composition resistors, claiming that they add some magical mystical "mojo" to the tone of the circuit. Do you want to know what they really add to the circuit? Noise! Do you want to pay more for parts that are only adding more noise to the circuit? By using components such as 1% Metal Film resistors and Stacked Metal Film and Silver Mica capacitors the Axis Face delivers the lowest noise operation and the best tone from a Fuzz Face-based circuit! The Axis Face also features two parts that 90% of other pedal builders don't even bother adding to the circuit...a power supply filtering capacitor and a reverse polarity protection diode. These two extra components will further reduce any possibilty of noise getting into the circuit and will give you piece of mind knowing that the circuit is protected from accidental reverse power supply polarity.

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