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This awesome fuzz circuit was built with new old stock parts. The FabFuzz uses two balanced germanium transistors imported from England. I use only authentic red dot AC128 can shaped germanium transistors.

It has an incredible warm tube sound. This unit is designed to achieve the classic fuzz sound heard on early Cream, Zeppelin and Hendrix songs. It is most comfortable and at its peak performance when used inline with a classic instrument (sg, Strat, Les Paul, Gretsch) and a tube amplifier.

Note: regular instruments that have humbucking or single coil pickups will also work well with this pedal, what's most important is its output through a tube amplifier. It will work with transistor/non-tube amplifiers also.


  • volume control
  • fuzz control
  • true bypass footswitch
  • to maintain the original 60's design and sound this unit does not have ac adapter or led.
  • the unit is switched on when the guitar cord is plugged into the input jack. When not in use please unplug all jacks from the pedal.
  • 1/4" nylon input and output jacks to keep the circuit floating and not grounded out by the case.
  • grounding is through the guitar cable and amplifier for a much better noise reduction.

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