Awenda Music


    Awenda Music is a non-registered boutique pedal building project. They are located in LaSalle, Ontario, Canada.

    Timeline (by Craig Vasily)

    • 1972-1973: first pedal built using recycled parts from old transistor equipment in high school.
    • 1979-1983: built pedals for other people close to me friends, bandmates. Always had a bench to work from in our basement. In 1981 I moved into a store to repair music gear and build pedals.
    • 1983-1988: I focused on building my career in the music and theater industry and built pedals only as a hobby when I had time to relax.
    • 1999-2006: Built pedals for retail sale.
    • 2006-Present: Keeping business of electronics and pedals boutique only. Each pedal is built by hand and is unique due to the fact that no two pedals are the same, mainly due to special orders privately. Although the circuits create the same sound there are sutle differences which make the effects unique and individual.

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