Award-Session SP75 Sessionette:75 Guitar Amp Sound


eBay seller "xilpadrino":

This pedal is a piece of engineering brilliance.  Designer Stewart Ward designed this pedal to capture the sound of the famed Sessionette amps he was producing. 

This pedal is more than just a Distortion / Overdrive pedal.   In addition to his patented Flexidrive Distortion (which I like to think of it as a "Marshall in a pedal"), the pedal also has a button for PAFtone Humbucker Emulation and EQ that actually shapes and characterizes the sound (unlike most overdrive pedals I've used).

I've tried dozens of overdrive pedals out there and I've always come back to Award Session, using the JD-10, AP-10 for acoustics, and sometimes even taking out my rare JD-20.  Unfortunately I am looking to move and I can't take my Award Session collection with me.  I have since got my hands on a Sessionette 75 Amp that I'm keeping so this pedal has to go.  Please see my other listings for other rare Award Session pieces I've collected through the years.

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