Award-Session JD20 Jerry Donahue Twin Channel Direct Recording Guitar PreAmp And Overdrive/Distortion Pedal


eBay seller "xilpadrino":

This pedal is a piece of engineering brilliance.  Designer Stewart Ward designed this pedal as an update to the famed Jerry Donohue JD-10 Distortion pedals.  If I remember correctly, only 200 JD20 pedals were produced.

This pedal is more than just a Distortion / Overdrive pedal.   In addition to his patented Flexidrive Distortion (which I like to think of it as a "Marshall in a pedal"), the pedal also has a button for C12T Speaker Simulation Emulation and EQ that actually shapes and characterizes the sound (unlike most overdrive pedals I've used).  If your amp dies during a gig, you can send the direct signal of this pedal to your PA System / Mixing Console and get great overdrive tone in a pinch using the built-in cabinet simulator.

I've tried dozens of overdrive pedals out there and I've always come back to Award Session, primarily using the JD-10, and the AP-10 for acoustics.

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