Award-Session AP10-2 Electro-Acoustic Preamp


Signal Control

  • Gain Trim
  • Lo Gain / Hi Gain
  • H/SVR / Normal

Tone Control

  • Treble
  • Middle
  • Bass


  • Output Level



The New AP10-2 Electro-Acoustic Preamp

Award-Session AP10 PreAmpThe AP10 concept was initially launched by Award-Session in 1995 and was called the GG10 in Europe, after Gordon Giltrap who adopted the unit as his! He still uses them to this day. However, we have re-named it the AP10, as this was it's better known name in USA when made for MORLEY, the wah & volume pedal company.

This is a great tool for live performance, whose range of useful features are unmatched by any other electro-acoustic pre-amp available. A great deal of thought went into designing the AP10 and has been hailed as one of the best ever electro-acoustic preamps.

Although designed for acoustic guitars, we have learned of many musicians using them with mandolins, violins, double basses and a whole host of ethnic stringed acoustic instruments fitted with transducers. So, it appears as if it's usefulness is only limited by the users imagination!

Of course, you can use it for direct recording acoustic instruments too. AP10 is quite a sophisticated piece of kit which will enable you to create all sorts of quality acoustic rhythm and solo tracks.

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