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Advance Tube Technology (in English)

VIRUS DRIVE is part of the Cat Drive series. It is a distortion pedal designed and built with components of absolute quality. The circuit does not include Op-Amp and BJT but devices with a result much similar to the tube, famous for the excellent characteristics in audio frequency.

The regulations are related to: gain, tone and output volume.

The management of the by-pass is entrusted to the sturdy stomp switch that assures an action absolutely " true by pass". The sound turns out much malleable and rich of harmonic. Through the combination gain-volume much various levels of saturation can be reached, however equipped of density and great harmonic. The dynamics sensibility to the touch is remarkable on all the range of regulations.

The answer on the acute frequencies is particularly soft and the tone regulation allows correcting eventual excesses without ever altering the timbre quality.

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