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Advance Tube Technology (in English)

The OVERCATDRIVE, with its strong metallic structure, includes a device able to offer a discrete distortion, not invasive and very respectful.

Its typical application is the combination with tube amplifiers set on "clean" or "crunch" sound, that means without exasperated distortions: in this way, maintaining a high dynamics level, the Overcatdrive can round the sound making it softer and more playable, increasing the sustain.

When used together with tube amplifiers set on "clean" sounds, the Overcatdrive permits to obtain that delicate wrinkling of sound, very useful in case of arpeggio accompaniments, where it is very important the order of notes and a natural sustain and armonic richness.

Thanks to a traditional push switch with pure contacts, when not inserted, the Overcatdrive results absolutely transparent or: TRUEBYPASS.

The OVERCATDRIVE structure is completely metallic with a solid weight of about 575 grams; this assures, besides a very good sound, an excellent mechanical stability.

The front panel includes: a big push switch, a 5mm orange led and three regulation knobs: OUT, TONE, GAIN.

  • GAIN regulates the amplification of the first step, that is the distortion level.
  • TONE is a filter able to centre the tool working area.
  • OUT is the output level.

These controls, apparently simple, are very efficient and they work in different ways according to the type of instrument connected. For example, the GAIN control will work according to the type of pick-up connected, that means that the distortion threshold will be very dependent from this. The TONE control, for example, reacts in a different way with an "active" guitar. The OUT control, regulating the output level, drives the signal until the further steps saturate, if connected to a very sensitive input, such as an input of a "lead" step or af an amplifier "crunch". This excellent Overcatdrive respects the original sounds: it could be defined a "further channel" of the amplifier. /p>

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