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BUFFERCATDRIVE, with its strong metallic structure, incorporates a BUFFER stage of high quality built with discrete components (no op amp), capacitors and high quality resistors that give the device a wonderful transparency and an excellent dynamics.

BUFFERCATDRIVE is suitable for all those situations where a low signal is susceptible to a decrease or a deformation because of too many connections, long cables, different device I-O impedance, or simply to render a low signal stronger (such as the signal of a single pick up).

Technically, it adapts a high impedance device to a one with a low impedance. BUFFERCATDRIVE does not amplify the signal level and does not attenuate it as well (+/- 0dB), therefore the output signal exactly reproduces the input signal rendering it less vulnerable, that means more stable as regard frequency response and dynamics.

BUFFERCATDRIVE does not have level regulations. It does not have the bypass button switch and remains always connected. With battery power supply, a particular saving-energy circuit regulates the blue led flashing, that indicates it is working, extending of 70% the battery life; when it is supplied by external power, the saving-energy device is automatically disconnected.

On the back of the BUFFERCATDRIVE four anti-slippery rubbers guarantee a high stability on the floor. The dicitures indicate the signal route IN/OUT. There are also some construction notes, the polarity for the connection of an external power supply, the brand and the serial number.

According to the standard utilized by many producers, the jack (IN) works as switch for the battery as well. Do not forget the jack inserted after use to avoid battery discharging.

A 9V battery is placed under the metallic door visible in the picture aside: the access is allowed removing a screw.

The BUFFERCATDRIVE can also be powered through a DC adaptor having suitable characteristics. The power supply must be stabilized at 9Vcc giving a current of at least 150mA. It must be also filtered in order to avoid annoying noises. To avoid earth loops, it is advisable not to utilize only one power supply to serve more devices. External power connection is realised with a standard 2,1mm coaxial plug with the negative tip.

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