Austone Vibro-Stomp


  • Vibrato/Tremolo
  • Hi/Lo
  • Vibrato Depth
  • Tremolo Depth
  • Speed



Seven months of intense experimenting, prototyping, and fine-tuning, were needed in our research center, Area 50 Watt, to bring you our newest pedal, the VIBRO-STOMP TM! We've bitched about the shortcomings of available vibrato and tremolo pedals for years, and we decided to build a pedal the way we'd want it.

The VIBRO-STOMP TM offers both a Fender*-style tremolo and a Magnatone*- style vibrato in the same pedal. It fits into a 4x4x2 inch polished aluminum enclosure (shiny like our other products!) and is powered by a wall-wart provided with each unit. Sorry, no battery operation here. There wasn't enough room in the enclosure! In addition to warm, quiet, transparent vibrato and tremolo, the VIBRO-STOMP TM offers a 9V negative tip output to provide power for your other pedals! Just buy or make your own daisy chain connector. VIBRATO, TREMOLO, AND A POWER SUPPPLY ALL IN ONE PACKAGE!

Special care was given to avoid the loss of output, common to many manufactured tremolo and vibrato pedals. Pop off the back and two internal trimmers are provided so you can separately set the amount of vibrato or tremolo gain you need to suit your style and equipment. Upon completion, each VIBRO-STOMPTM is calibrated for a touch of gain when engaged. The independent vibrato and tremolo depth control gives you an effect range from subtle to psychedelic depending on the setting. Knobs are the classic chicken-heads associated with Austone products. A toggle switch selects VIBRATO or TREMOLO function.

A speed control is provided to set the desired rate of tremolo or vibrato variation. A HI/LO toggle switch is provided to select the range for the SPEED control. The fastest LO speed is approximately equal to the slowest HI speed. The high-quality light-touch TRUE BYPASS footswitch is provided on each unit. A green LED that flashes in time with the speed control setting is provided to indicate the unit is active and how fast it's running. Two parallel output jacks are provided for those who prefer to run two amps simultaneously.

Ear testing at Area 50 Watt has proven this sound combination to be huge. There are so many things that can be done, for instance- running a slight delay from the VIBRO-STOMPTM to one amp, or running one amp dry while using a bit of reverb on the other. Or run two independent effect chains, one for each amp! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and available equipment!

As with all Austone effects, only the highest quality components that have been hand prepped and passed our strict quality control tests are used. Each unit is hand built using a “mil-spec” circuit board that is hand stuffed and soldered then point-to-point hand-wired.

It is termed “the finest vibrato made” by one of our experienced high-end dealers. Have an amp you love but want Magnatone* vibrato? Get a VIBRO-STOMP TM! Have a Great sounding amp without tremolo? Get a VIBRO-STOMP TM! Have an amp with tremolo but want “dueling tremolos”? Get a VIBRO-STOMP TM! This is a wild effect possible by setting the amp tremolo at one speed and the VIBRO-STOMPTM tremolo at another! As with all Austone effects the VIBRO-STOMPTM comes with a one-year parts warranty and a lifetime labor warranty to the original purchaser.

(*Use of the names Fender and Magnatone IN NO WAY implies a relationship between Austone and either of these companies. The names Fender and Magnatone remain the property of their rightful owners.)

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