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A 60's style fuzz hand-built entirely of discrete components (no IC chips) featuring true bypass switching. Many of the fuzz effects from the 60's received radio stations and were notoriously noisy. Special care has been taken in the design and building of the Fuzz Nutz to solve both of these problems, yet retain the classic fuzz tone character. The FUZZ control sets the rise time and saturation of the signal while the NUTZ control sets the output level. The FUZZ NUTZ is famous for it's big bottom-end and smooth, fat fuzz that cleans-up when guitar volume control is reduced slightly. Characterized by reviewers in guitar mags as warm fuzz, and we must agree-(Austone effects are known for their warmth). To preserve the battery, the 9V battery power is only available when a plug is inserted in the input jack. A 9V DC negative center tip "wall wart" power supply jack is supplied as standard on all units. The Fuzz Nutz is also popular with bass players! Experience the classic sound that changed electric guitar tone forever!

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