Auralux King Trem


  • Slow Range Speed
  • Intensity
  • Fast Range Speed
  • Slow/Fast
  • On/Off



The Auralux KingTrem® offers a dramatic tremolo effect not achieved by conventional tremolo units. Much more than a recreation of the photocell type of tremolo circuit, the KingTrem® produces a very complex tremolo all it's own! Very swampy with hints of univibe and rotary speaker. It's not a phaser, it's not a chorus, it's not a's the KingTrem®! After plugging into the KingTrem® your univibe and chorus pedals just may end up in your "vintage collection drawer".

Additional Features...

  • Hand built one-at-a-time with quality components and a solid die-cast aluminum enclosure box.
  • True bypass switching and extremely quiet circuitry.
  • No weird detuning sounds
  • An intensity control that allows from subtle to very deep effect depth.
  • While some other tremolo units include a footswitch to "half" or "double" your speed selection, the KingTrem includes 2 independent and completely variable speed ranges. This allows the user to pre-set 2 very specific speeds and alternate between them via a "slow/fast" footswitch.
  • (2) LED's for both speed ranges that blink at their selected speed rates when activated.
  • (2) output jacks for the option of splitting output signal to 2 amplifiers.
  • KingTrem works great with guitar as well as keyboards!

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