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When applied in line with an electric musical instrument signal, this self-contained pre-amp will provide up to 20db of very transparent signal gain. Particularly well suited for electric guitar, when activated, the unit will not "squash", "color" or "narrow" the natural response of your instrument pickups (like some other units), hence the absence of "tone", or other similar, unnecessary controls. We leave the tone controls where they belong....on your guitar and amp. When used as a lead boost or solo pedal, the unit can overdrive the pre-amp stages of tube guitar amps, easily providing natural, crunchy, saturated tube distortion sounds at the click of the switch. The unit is extremely dynamic and will "clean up" very well when the guitar volume control is rolled back.

Additional Features...

  • Hand built 1-at-a-time for lasting and reliable performance.
  • True bypass switching.
  • High quality components used throughout.
  • An intensity control that allows from subtle to very deep effect depth.
  • Extremely solid die-cast aluminum enclosure box.
  • Powered by either a 9 volt battery or the supplied power cord.

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