Aural Dream Truth Modulation


Aural Dream

Five knobs of truth modulation:

  • Speed(Frq): choosing speed and frequency of modulation and scan.
  • Depth: choosing deep adjustment value of modulation and scan.
  • Mix: adjustment ratio between dry and wet sound, namely, between dry and effect sound, which directly influences Modulating algorithm effect except for Vibrato(gain variation)
  • Tweak: This switch adjust different parameters in Modulating algorithm.
  • Controlling (8 algorithms):
    • Flanger tweak : controlling scanned Depth range
    • Chorus tweak: controlling scanned Depth range 
    • Vibrato tweak: controlling scanned Depth range 
    • Tremolo tweak: controlling input gain
    • Doubling tweak: controlling scanned Depth range
    • Phase tweak: controlling feedback coeffeicent
    • Ring tweak: controlling output gain
    • Pitchshift tweak:  controlling scanned Depth range

Researchers spent one year having invented this milestone product by algorithm designing, software programming and debugging. We have deeply discussion and calculate on every detail of reverb algorithm, accurate control and interactive experience on every switch parameter. Actually every process of software code is soul replanting, hoping to share a perfect reverb product.

Music modulating effect algorithms has some built-in parameters, including modulating waves such as triangle wave, sine wave and zigzag wave, which are almost proven the best ones after many trail listening. 

There are four special advanced algorithms and code upgrades among them: Pitchshift, Chorus, Doubling and Phase. We use modern signal processing technology to build our own unique algorithm and form DSP product after careful software design and debugging.

When it on work customers can adjust reverb parameter to get needed reverb effects.

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