Aural Dream Super Vibrato


Aural Dream

This Super Vibrato has very distinctive characteristics, adding three special modes: LUSH Vibrato, ANALOG Vibrato, ANALOG LUSH Vibrato.

The Aural Dream Super Vibrato contains four completely different and independent vibrato basic algorithm, five FBI knobs and six completely different modulation waveform with, you need to achieve a total of 24 arbitrary vibrato effect

Electronic parameters:

  • Working voltage: DC9V
  • Chip inner voltage:1.8V
  • Chip outter voltage:3.3V
  • ADC SNR: 90Db
  • DAC SNR: 100Db
  • Sampling frequency: 44100Hz
  • Battery: self-provided
  • Case material: aluminum alloy
  • Packing size(mm): 160x93x70
  • Weight(g): 328

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