Aural Dream Super Ring


Aural Dream

SUPER RING through the digital technology to achieve instrument simulation,making the guitar signal into a bell, ringtones.

The effect with a vibrato function, can achieve in different clocks in the process of knocking with the change in intensity and the clock between the hardness of the shock.


  • Middle knob: Control tremolo waveform switching, a total of six different waveforms (sine / tri1 / tri2 / saw up / saw down / trapezoid)
  • RATE: Modulation tremolo Speed, the left NORMAL region is closed-tremolo, RATE, DEPTH, the 3 knobs in the middle is closed at the time.
  • DEPTH: Modulation tremolo Depth, when the mode is in RATE and NORMAL, the function is closed.
  • FREQ: FREQ: Modulation ringing frequency, the knob of deciding sound, making the guitar sign from the ancient guitar bell into the modern ring tones
  • MIX: Dry wet mixing ratio between the origin and the effect sound

In order to make our products durable and generate a timbre of good quality, we use PCB made of RF-4 material by plug-in processing, trying to let it play the needed timbre.

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