Aural Dream Super Phaser


Aural Dream

The phaser effects of this pedal are hardly seen on the current market, convenient to adjust, including 4 basic algorithms of classic phaser, without any mistakes of operation details. 5 other knobs can help get arbitrary phaser effects.

Aural Dream Super Phaser contains 4 totally different and independent basic algorithms of phaser. with 5 joint-debugging knobs and 6 different modulation waveforms as well the continuous control of positive and negative feedback,jointly achieving 24 arbitrary phaser effects that you need.


  • RATE: Modulation Speed
  • DEPTH: Modulation Depth
  • FDBK: Feedback Factor(positive feedback, 0, negative feedback)
  • Mix:
    • MIX1,SCRIPT 45    dry and wet acoustic ratio, script 45: Simulate the sound effects of the analog circuit script 45 pedal
    • MIX2,DIGITAL      dry and wet acoustic ratio, digital phaser effects.
    • MIX3,CLASSIC VIBE dry and wet acoustic ratio, classic vibe: simulate the classic vibe mod and phaser effects.
    • MIX4,SCRIPT 90    dry and wet acoustic ratio, script 90: simulate the sound effects of analog circuit of script 90 pedal.

Meanwhile, the knobs gradually adjust the mix ratio of the original signal and effect sound.

  • Modulation type:
    • SINE       
    • TRI1      
    • TRI2      
    • SAW UP     
    • SAW DOWN   

Product Specifications:

  • Electronic parameters:
  • Working voltage: DC9V
  • Chip inner voltage:1.8V
  • Chip outter voltage:3.3V
  • ADC SNR: 90Db
  • DAC SNR: 100Db
  • Sampling frequency: 44100Hz
  • Battery: the airline is not included.
  • Case material: aluminum alloy
  • Packing size(mm): 160x93x70
  • Weight(g): 328

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