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  • Five knobs of Listen Reverb:
    • Decay (degree of decay adjustment): influencing Reverb’s T60 time, determining decay pace of reverb curve.
    • Tone (tone adjustment): fast accurate respond to tone’s variation with switches’turning
    • Mix: adjusting the ratio of dry and wet tone and determining reverb effect.
    • Predelay: difference in predelay range of each reverb directly influences its space effect.
  • Controling (8 algorithms):
    • Spring Reverb
    • Plate Reverb
    • Gate   Reverb
    • Reverse Reverb
    • Room   Reverb
    • BigRoom Reverb
    • Hall   Reverb
    • Chapel Reverb

Researchers spent one year having invented this milestone product by algorithm designing, software programming and debugging. We have deeply discussion and calculation on every detail of reverb algorithm, accurate control and interactive experience on every switch parameter. Actually every process of software code is soul replanting,hoping to share a perfect reverb product to make up for domestic empty in this field.

Considering about the influence of room temperature, wetness and atmosphere, main algorithm of reverb stipulates relations among direct sound, early reflection and late reflection in normal temperature. We use modern signal processing technology to build our own unique algorithm and form DSP product after careful software design and debugging. 

When it on work, musicians can adjust reverb parameter to get needed reverb effects.

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