Aural Dream Glide Delay


Aural Dream

  • Five knobs of Glide Delay
    • Tone : control retroaction’s tone of every algorithm effect.
    • Time: control concern delay time
    • Mix: adjusts ratio between dry and wet sound, namely, between dry and effect sound, which directly influences delay algorithm effect, and have level effect.
    • Feedback: adjust feedback coefficient and control delay decay time
  • Controling: (8 algorithms )
    • Modulate: adds a little surge to effect sound to produce pleasant chorus effect
    • Tape: stipulates tape echo with magnetic head and motor speed control, which is producted with warm and soft trill.
    • Anolog: buillds frequency response and characterstics anolog delay, to let sound produce variation according to doubling sound's repetitive alter.
    • Reverse : produces reverse-play tape’s effect, achieves seamless integration of sections
    • 50ms: 0-50ms whole range modern digital echo.
    • 200ms: 50-200mswhole range modern digital echo.
    • 800ms: 200-800ms whole range modern digital echo.
    • 3200ms: 800-3200ms whole range modern digital echo.

Researchers spent relatively long time having invented this first generation single-channel digital delay product by algorithm designing, software programming and debugging. We have deeply discussion and calculation on every detail of delay algorithm, accurate control and interactive experience on every switch parameter.

Presently, delay products have bad sound effect, no space effect, cannot reflect the real environment, and its sound is not so warm and soft. But our products have those required features.

When it on work customers can adjust parameters to get needed reverb effects.

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