Aural Dream Crystals Harmony


Aural Dream

Use feedback and (or) delay to build the transposition of cascade effects so as to produce two sounds on different time point.


  • Tone: Tone adjustment
  • Mix:  Adjust the dry/wet ratio "0" means DRY,NO wet ,turn left "-" controls drop, max=full wet ,turn right "+" controls raise,max=full wet
  • FDBK: feedback. ● controls 0-6 semitone, â–² controls 7-12 semitone. More feedbacks will be produced with identifier going from the sharp end to the wide end
  • Half-steps: "0" means no changes. When it goes to "()", to make it function, FDBK has to be at â–² controlling area; when it's out of "()", to make it function, FDBK has to be at ● controling area.
  • MODE:4 different models

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