Audiotech WMP-1 Wicked Metal Pedal


  • Resurrect
  • Torture
  • Scream



Scared? Yeah... so were we the first time we heard our new WMP-1 Wicked Metal Pedal. The high gain terror and tone of this pedal will have you white with fright. Producing over the top metal tones that are simply chilling. By adjusting each knob you can dial in your own level of scary tone. Controls include "Resurrect" for level, "Torture" for tone and "Scream" for a more intense distortion. This pedal features genuine Audiotech "True Bypass" switching so your guitar signal is never degraded and loaded down when the Wicked Metal Pedal is switched out of the audio path.

Because metal players everywhere know that the Wicked Metal Pedal is the key to skull crushing tone.

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