Audiotech ABC LCM Selector/Combiner with Level Controls


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Audiotech Guitar Products to release three limited edition prototype ABC Selector LCM units.

September 4th 2008--Audiotech makers of guitar effects pedals and handy switching devices for musicians, have announced they'll release three limited edition prototype ABC Selector LCM units in late fall of 2008. Three lucky guitar players will have a chance to own the much anticipated amp selector/controller units before there official release. Much like their popular CCM model, The LCM will allow guitar players to select or combine up to three amplifiers in any combination.

It will also allow you to balance out each amplifier with individual trim/level controls on channels A, B or C. "We've had such a huge interest in our ABC Selector LCM model from guitar players," says company president Eric Roberts. "So we thought we'd do a small limited run of three prototype units to give guitar players a little something to tide them over until the official release of the LCM" he adds.

The Audiotech ABC Selector LCM prototype units will come with four 1/4" jacks for "A", "B" and "C" channels and a common "IN/OUT". Any standard 9V AC adapter can power the ABC Selector LCM.

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