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Ninja Boost

Ninja Boost is our flagship product: A hand built, unique multi-function, state of the art solo booster for demanding professionals who want repeatable, indestructable, pure, surgically precise control without compromise.

Every aspect of this unit is designed for the player who wants the best. Period.

Unlike a traditional booster which is generally dirty and designed to overload an amp for yet more drive and noise, the Ninja is designed to be placed after your overdrive or distortion to precisely boost and tonally lift your carefully chosen rhythm tone out of the mix for soaring leads, without sacrificing the essential character or your tone.


  • A solo-channel effects loop that keeps your reverb or delay tails keep ringing through when you go back to bypass.
  • Additional A(Bypass)/B(Solo) outputs for switching between multiple amps or vintage amps with multiple inputs.
  • Solid cast aluminium chassis with easy-access PP3 battery box.
  • Top end, low noise, wide track, custom fibreglass circuit boards.
  • Boost level in switched 1dB steps so you can get the exact same volume night after night, hassle free.

The Ninja features also offers four tone modes plus bypass. Each mode is carefully sculpted to achieve a particular type of boost:

  • Mode T : A subtle treble lift with a very slight roll off of the extreme HF.
  • Mode T+ : A stronger, more defined version of Mode T.
  • Mode Mid : A traditional boost aimed just below treble with a smooth HF.
  • Mode Fat : A warmer, upper mid style boost with a moderately strong HF reduction for warm leads.

A word from Sean Mandrake:

The Ninja Boost is a unique and powerful tool I designed because I was frustrated that my solo sound was never quite the same each night. I also found that high gain distortion and normal boosters just didn't mix, everything would just feedback and get ugly instead of being useful. I discovered that A/B'ing into my Selmer's two channels worked really well and started thinking about what was going on there: I was boosting *after* my distortions and other effects, right at the end, so started wondering if I could create something really cool that worked like that.

The Ninja is the sixth and final version of booster I have designed. It represents years of tweaking, it's refined and subtle and there's no guitar-shop drama, it just lifts your guitar up and out of the mix exactly the right amount.

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