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Audio Storm

The Iron Tyrant is a unique kind of subsonic wah designed to work with and emphasize the low frequencies of guitar or bass.

The Iron Tyrant starts low and goes lower, it can dive right down past the fundamental frequencies and into subsonic tone zone where the internal inductor coils saturate and the circuitry overloads to generate a dirty, gnarly, almost synthetic tone.

Whipping the pedal back and forth in the top two thirds gives a wah-like low frequency effect that is intense and groovy, entering the lower third of the range saturates and messes things up. You can use it in all sorts of ways, traditional but low, static and synthy, flick from extreme to extreme for a crazy almost vocal vibe. Once you start playing you just wont want to stop!


  • Solid cast aluminium chassis with metallic paint finish. Steel baseplate with easy-access PP3 battery cover.
  • Unique design and sound unlike any other wah.
  • High quality fibreglass circuit boards loaded with high end components.
  • High impedance buffered input with no tone-suck.
  • Full bandwidth, works equally well with guitar, bass, synths or 7 and 8 string guitars.
  • Tone. Tone. Tone! We care about tone, deeply and passionately and we are sure you will agree that our effects rock!

A wah is a wah is a wah... Unless it's the Iron Tyrant, in which case the god of thunder sits at your feet!

A word from Sean Mandrake:

The Iron Tyrant came out of an experiment I performed to my beloved Snarling Dogs Blues Bawls wah which was fun but horribly noisy and every setting just made it get harsher. Plus it sucked tone like a vampire. So, over time, I absolutely destroyed it and rebuilt it many times over until I found a whole new sound, I changed everything about it apart from the inductor and got a great wah, but also this great other sound where it was just twisted, but amazing! It was so groovy I couldn't stop playing with it.

Now, loads of people have tried to buy that wah off me since then and I always wanted to make it for AudioStorm but the cost of getting a run of wah chassis' made meant it was a no-go. Until I found a far eastern wah that is pre-built with very average components that is! So, we buy those in, a few at a time, strip em apart and rebuild. The chassis is nice and solid and with our circuit and components inside the combination becomes amazing! And I am really glad to finally be able to share this monster of a tone-beast with you all now at long last.

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