Audio Storm (by Sean Mandrake) F258 Drive


Audio Storm

The F258 drive is a unique and original British overdrive. Like most musicians we had tried out all the classic overdrives. Each had it's strong spot but none really seemed to have everything, all at once, so we set to work to design something new.

The F258 uses a high impedance FET op-amp front end for hiss free gain, driving into a custom clipping diode section, followed by a super-pure active EQ. The result is a really natural sounding drive, with oodles of gain on tap that lifts your sound up and injects it with magic.

The diode section is switchable between Silicon Symmetric for that overdrive sound as used by all the classic drive pedals and Germanium Asymmetric to capture the growly early breakup and higher sensitivity of vintage amplifiers turned up and pushed to the limit.


  • Solid cast aluminium chassis with easy-access PP3 battery box.
  • British made, dust-sealed, low noise potentiometers.
  • Top end, low noise, wide track, custom fibreglass circuit boards.
  • Millenium bypass. (This is a very nice type of hard / true bypass for zero tone loss).
  • Genuine Germanium diodes, hand tested and selected for reliability and tone.
  • Hand made in Manchester, UK
  • Tone. Tone. Tone! We care about tone, deeply and passionately and we are sure you will agree that our effects rock!

There are a lot of same-old, same-old clones out there. And a lot of strip-board-in-a-box overdrives that are just plain nasty. Why not try something new, sweet, rich, quiet and truly boutique? For a very non-boutique price!

A word from Sean Mandrake:

The F258 was born from curiosity and an experiment to explore different types of overdrive. I tested different ways to arrange germanium and silicon diodes, explored balancing input overload with clipping drive to create exciting harmonic interaction, tried many tone structures and many other little tweaks until I found what really worked. Now, if you already love your DOD250 or TS9 or RAT or FuzzFace then it probably wont change your world, but in a shootout, or if the classics just don't cut it for you, well, then, the F258 is definitely more!

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