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The Rooster Booster is a special kind of booster\pre-amp in that it is especially voiced for the electric guitar. Unlike commercially available units, the Rooster Booster transparently takes a specific band of upper frequencies (in the upper 2kHz-4kHz range) and allows you to boost those frequencies. Specifically, you can boost or cut these frequencies by approximately 12db- enough boost to cut through any live mix or studio situation. Other "universal-type" boosters simply boost the entire signal. Tired of losing all of your treble and gain at lower volumes? The Rooster Booster solves this problem, and much more!!!! This is the perfect front-end for any amplifier or effect chain.

Did you ever notice how some poorly made pedals weaken your signal and tone when the unit is turned off? This is due to the improper loading a cheaply made effect pedal places on an already relatively weak signal. For economical reasons, major commercial pedal manufacturers fail to provide a proper high-impedance input that most electric guitars require. The result? A tonal mess. The Rooster Booster, as with all of my pedals, feature high-impedance inputs with hard-wired True-Bypass switching, and a high intensity blue LED that stands out on a dark stage or studio floor! Also, a DC jack is provided for anyone using a power brick or other B***-style AC adapters. A 9-volt battery is included.

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