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Audio Squared

The Major Fuzz features True-Bypass, a highly visible, bright green LED, a DC jack for AC adapters\power bricks and premium components, housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure measuring approximately 3.625" X 4.5" X 1.375".

The Major Fuzz is completely hand-made and is designed around a pair of socketed BC108 transistors, as were used in the original Fuzz Faces in the late 60's, early 70's. Some much needed improvements have been added to these originals, however, such as a high-impedance input, an internal trim pot to adjust the bias, and True-Bypass switching to ensure your tone is unchanged when the Major Fuzz is turned off.

The Major Fuzz is quiet and very responsive to varying playing dynamics.

What more can be said about such a classic effect pedal? The Major Fuzz goes beyond the call of duty! Put one in your ranks today.

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