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This is the original transparent compressor built around the original circuit and specifications, but with some upgrades. First, the IN and OUT jacks are placed in typical pedal fashion. The originals sounded excellent, but were kind of awkward. They could only be used on guitars with flat input jack plates that weren't recessed. Strat users had to do some rewiring or were out of luck!! The reissues that are currently available are no different. Also, the originals were built around the 4558 chip, which has been changed in the reissue with a cheaper replacement- a practice that is unfortunately all too common in today's economy.

The Big Squeeze is built around the original 4558 chip- surrounded by premium capacitors, diodes, and resistors. These compressors are notorious for their ability to boost and sustain weak signals, while providing those famous "squishy" dynamics. Fortunately, you can still own the original, unmodified version of this classic in an upgraded, guitar-friendly aluminum enclosure!! Also, unlike the original and reissue, there is a high-intensity blue LED to let you know the compressor is on, a DC jack (for use with typical B*** style AC adapters and power bricks), an external LEVEL control so you can fine tune your compression according to taste, and a hard-wired True-Bypass switch to completely remove the effect from the signal path, if so desired. A 9-volt battery is included. Try The Big Squeeze compressor and tighten up your sound with a firm grip on your signal!!

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