Audio Monk


    Audio Monk is the company of Anthony Pelosi from Austin, TX, USA.

    He made pedals under the Nina Electronics name first.

    Timeline (by Anthony Pelosi)

    • Spring 2000: First attempt at pedal on apartment floor. Hawaii.
    • Late Winter 2001: First production pedal (The Fuzzbeard) conceived and built under the Nina Electronics name. Stony Brook, NY
    • Winter 2002: Distribution of pedal.
    • Fall 2003: The greatest bass fuzz ever conceived and built: The Fuzzpotion.
    • 2003-2006: Design and research continued for design of new products. Changed name to Audio Monk
    • 2006-2010: Dual stage overdrive/distortion developed the Rubie Drive.
    • Summer 2011: Bambino Booster, Vibe Raider designs finalized. Products ready for world wide distribution and dominance.

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