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I won’t say The Big Trees has taken the world by storm, but Gil Norton just called me and told me that The Big Trees is going to take the world by storm.

The first 10 sold out, before we had finished building them, finding homes with The Killers, Garbage, Keane, Flood, Gil Norton, James Morrison band and White Lies amongst others, and we are struggling to keep up with demand.

It was conceived as a drive pedal but has become much more, and as ever with Audio Kitchen products, it was not released until its compliment of sounds was genuinely inspirational, and thoroughly musical.

Guitar pickups and valves (tubes for our American cousins) are like Adam and Eve – made for each other.  Never have I heard a solid state input stage that comes anywhere close to the almost ‘three-dimensionality’ of a guitar pickup straight into a valve grid.  When you allow a few stages of well designed valve circuit to handle your signal, even if it remains pretty clean, you will reap rewards of character, definition and objective clarity of tone.

The Big Trees will see you from silky cleans, through grit, into grinding filth.  It will sound like the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and you will discover new sounds that I believe will be heard on records, and at gigs for years to come.  It is a captivating studio amp and a pedal board titan, and it has already proven to be a high-level studio life-saver both for re-amp work and as a processing tool at the mix stage for both bass and guitar.

Gil put it like this - ‘How can I afford NOT to have one?’

I’ll leave you with that thought…

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