Audigoa Waterfall Triple Band Overdrive



The Waterfall is unlike any overdrive pedal currently available - it is the first overdrive pedal which has been designed to work independently with all 3 sections (the highs, mids and lows) of your guitar signal in order to offer you total control over your overdrive tone. Combine this level of versatility and originality, the high build quality and a killer "Jackson Pollock" style paint job and you have, what I believe to be, one of the best overdrive pedals currently available.

Try to think of the Waterfall as three individual overdrive pedals all running in parallel to one another. Each one is set to handle a different section of you signal - one processes the highs, one the mids and one the bass. Now also imagine you have a 3 way mixer after all these overdrive units which allows you to dial in just the right levels of each one - there you have a simple overview of the Waterfall and it's workings!

The Waterfall Overdrive offers you 6 controls - 3 "Gain" controls and 3 "Level" controls, one gain and level for the highs, a gain and level control for the mids and a gain and level control for the lows.

The gain controls allow you to dial in the amount of overdrive which is present on each of your signal sections - anything from clean boost and light overdrive right through to heavy clipping is available.

The level controls are used to blend in your desired level of each signal section. So you can dial in a heavy bottom end or, conversely, you can remove all bottom end and just leave yourself with a sizzling high end overdrive tone or you can take out the mids and dial in a "mid scooped" tone ideal for many rock applications or leave your highs clean while having a heavily overdriven mids section and clean, fat lows - The possibilities offered by the Waterfall are endless. For further examples of the range of tones available from the Waterfall check out the videos below.

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