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The Trem-O-Tone is a revolutionary new pedal that offers unprecedented control over the tremolo effect. This pedal has all the standard tremolo features such as square, sine, and triangle wave low-frequency oscillators (LFO) as well as depth and rate controls. The pedal also contains several LFO waveforms that no other tremolo pedal offers.

But the real beauty behind the Trem-O-Tone is the PC interface that allows you to create sounds that no other pedal can. Using a palette of 15 different tools, you can draw any waveform imaginable and use it as the tremolo's LFO. The interface also lets you fine-tune LFO's amplitude depth range and period.

You've created the perfect sound, you can save the settings to the pedal's internal memory for later use. The Trem-O-Tone can store up to 25 different patches (15 slots for user-defined patches and 10 slots dedicated to factory preset patches). To allow for maximum storage and expansion, the pedal can also import and export patches to a PC file. This also means that all Trem-O-Tone users can share their patches with each other!

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