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In the 60s the Mosrite company made wonderfully unique guitars. They also made the best fuzz pedal ever.

The FUZZbrite pedal is a reproduction of that famous Mosrite FUZZrite ® pedal with the added convenience of true-bypass switching, input jack battery on/off, and AC power input. Even the box size and logos are as exact to the original as possible. Each pedal is new, unused, and hand built to order.

My pedal is based on stock examples of the original FUZZrite® pedals that I've owned and is *not* based on the many incorrect schematics available on the internet. The FUZZbrite is as close as you will ever get to the original without actually buying an original ($350 and up). With carbon composition resistors and .05mf capacitors just like the the first ones, the FUZZbrite is as awesome today as the Mosrite pedal was in the 60s and 70s.


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