Asama Engineering AD-500 Analog Delay


  • Output L/H
    switches between a low and a high output level
  • Delay Shift
    switches between a short and a long delay time
  • Delay
    controls the delay time
  • Repeat
    controls the feedback/resonance of the delay, higher feedback gives more repeats
  • Mix
    controls the mix between the input signal and the delayed signal
  • Input Level
    controls the input level
  • Delay On/Off
    switches the effect on/off
  • Repeat On/Off
    turns the resonance on/off


a 1981 Coron brochure

The Analog Delay provides a reliable, completely electronic means of simulating Echo and Reverberation. Until now all echo and reverb effects relied on moving parts: springs, tape loops, and other mechanical gear that could wear out or break down in the middle of your play. The Mix control provides adjustment of the ratio between original and delayed signal. The Repeat control allows the user to return a selectable amount of the delayed signal back to the input to be delayed again, thus providing multiple echos with varying delay times. The Delay control increases the time that the signal is delayed. The Input Level control can accept a wide range of signal level for fine condition by adjusting its level. A slid switch of Output gives you low or high level output. A slide switch of Delay shift gives you twice or half of Delay time from its position. This Analog Delay is designed for three way power supplies: two 9 volt dry battery, 18 volt D.C. adaptor, & 12 ~ 20 volt A.C. into non phase adaptor jack. That 18 volt D.C. adaptor you can use + or - center lined D.C. adaptor unit. The foot switch for repeat ON/OFF can be used for: ON position gets echo or repeat delayed signal, and OFF position gets like a CHORUS sound or just one delayed signal by adjusting Delay control. LED lamp indication for Analog Delay ON & Repeat ON, which is easy to be known.

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  • Dimensions
    190 x 130 x 50&30mm

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