Artroy PD-01 Pro Drive



Pro Drive - is a modernized version of guitar effects developed in the early 90-ies and is available in a limited edition plastic case. Now established mass production of molded standard casing.

The effect is a simulator of an overloaded tube amp, and thanks to the use of restrictive stages of field-effect transistor structures retains overtones inherent in the tube overload, and a built kabinetulyator able to directly connect it to the line (Mixer, stereo, computer, etc.). In addition to four pens smooth adjustment (volume effect-"level", the level of low-frequency-"low, the level of high-frequency-" hi, controller overload-"drive") effect has four independent switch:

  • modern-classic: changes the "nature" of sound;
  • x.bass: rise in the low frequencies;
  • u.hi: the rise in high frequencies;
  • hi gain-low gain: low and high sensitivity.
  • Taken together, all controls allow to "construct" sound depending on the style of execution performance of musical works and sound components used.

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