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The Tradesman is an organic, light-to-mid-range transparent overdrive pedal that is designed to be unobtrusive yet enhance all of the sweet sounding, rich harmonics from your equipment while pushing your signal into overdriven bliss. This is not your run of the mill overdrive - the Tradesman was built to inspire! With heightened playing sensitivity, a musical and versatile tone shaping EQ, enough headroom to sing the sweet blues, but enough thick drive to cut through the will be heard!

  • Handcrafted solid Oregon black walnut enclosure - every pedal is truly one-of-a-kind
  • Studio-grade components and original circuitry designed in the USA by Tone Whizard Labs, exclusively for Artistry Audio    
  • Solid USA-made aluminum knobs for Volume, Gain, and Tone
  • Organic, mostly transparent overdrive ranging from light crunch to mildly aggressive tones
  • Custom-designed input stage for superb sensitivity, signal integrity, and incredible headroom
  • 4558-based soft-clipping stage utilizing 1N4148 diodes
  • Click-less, true bypass switching to preserve signal integrity
  • Studio-inspired "Tilt" EQ for optimum versatility
  • Boost toggle takes your entire signal to the next level
  • Space-saving top-mounted jacks
  • Powered by any standard pedal power supply 

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