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If we had to capture the essence on the Zenith in a single word, that word would be Versatility!

The Zenith is a powerful tool that enables the user to create many shades and tones varying from spunky to gritty to liquid smooth and anywhere in between; It can even be used as a booster, to push an amp into distortion, all while keeping the guitar tone clear and transparent.

This ability is the result of a combination between the Zenith's unique Voice control, dynamic overdrive stage & a powerful EQ, all working in a high-headroom environment. To extend the Zenith's flexibility even further, two pull-switches are used to shape the range and flavor of your tone for maximum adaptability.

The Zenith came to be after extensive research & developments accompanied by non-stop consulting with professional studio & live guitarists of whose feedback helped shaping the tones and user-friendly interface of our Zenith Overdrive. We love our new overdrive and sure your will feel the same in a heartbeat.

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