Arteffect Roadhouse Overdrive


Roadhouse Overdrive

Who can resist the magic of a BIG, PUNCHY and MEATY guitar tones bursting through a sizzling amplifier?

No one we know, that’s for sure!

Well, turns out that big, punchy and meaty tones is what Roadhouse is all about.  High headroom coupled with dynamic attack means rich and round tones even when set-up for clean, or almost-clean boost.

We set out to find the right combination of germanium components and capable tone shaping that would allow us to keep the layout simple while remaining flexible enough to fit as many setups and possible.


  • Hand built with selected Audio components
  • Creamy sustain AND plenty of volume boost on tap
  • Simple yet flexible 3+2 control knobs
  • Internal voltage boost
  • 4 Internal Personality switches - set and forget
  • Non inverting design - perfect for parallel mixing
  • Real True-Bypass switching
  • And more…

List price is $199

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