Arteffect Orangen Tone Boost - Germanium Booster



Built around a new old stock germanium transistor, the Orangen Tone Boost is a recreation of the legendary Orange Treble & Bass booster. A short while ago we found special US made transistors that feature very high gain and low noise. In our opinion, these are the best souding transistors for our Orangen and so from now on all our boosters will feature them and not the OC76 (however it can be custom ordered if you still desire it).

With its germanium "squish" and sweet harmonics, the Orangen Tone Boost delivers those much though after tones; from a glassy top and shimmering presence to a smooth and dark addendum - taking your rig right back to where electric guitar tones should be!

Our booster is both original sounding and road ready; audio-grade precision components are used throughout the FR4 board, a high efficiency bright LED indicator makes it possible to cut current consumption down to a minimum to allow the longest battery life possible while enjoying a dependable and prominent indication you can always depend on while on stage. Our unique PPC power filtering circuit delivers extremely powerful hum filtering from your AC adaptor while minimizing power loss - Headroom is no longer compromised for the sake of hum-filtering!

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